IBM 6094 Lighted Programmable Function Keypad - Some Documentation...

Paxton Hoag paxton.hoag at
Mon Feb 25 17:33:33 CST 2008

> I didn't find a lot of information from IBM support on the 6094 - but
>  I did get some. I have uploaded a old copy of IBM's RS/6000 Graphics
>  Handbook which describes the IBM 6094 LPFK. The LPFK information is
>  found in section 4.5.
>  The good news - in can be attached to a serial port on an RS/6000 or
>  PC - which means that it shouldn't be difficult to find the protocol
>  for the critter.

I wonder who made it? I got the second lot so anyone can have as many
as they want. One of those in the new lot is supposed to be SGI.

If it is serial how hard would it be to make a USB interface to plug
into the serial port on the keypad?

I just took a quick look and it looks like the same pinout (DIN?) as
an Apple Serial Cable. The square moulding on the cable keeps it from
plugging in.

Interesting, Thanks Lyle.

Paxton Hoag
Astoria, OR

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