1st stage loader for IMSAI - need ascii to binary conversion

Alexandre Souza alexandre-listas at e-secure.com.br
Tue Feb 26 16:15:28 CST 2008

> Argh!. I grew up learning to design solutions to problems, rather than
> throw microcontrollers at them in the hope they'd go away.

    Just like me!

    But Tony, the world goes on...

    Nowadays an attiny15 costs just like the same a 555. I have 1K of 
program memory and other features, for almost the price of a 555. I like to 
do puzzles, but there are lots of improvment in electronics. Why not use 
them? Faster, easier, and it works!

    I'm against programmable chips too. But Tony, we are in 2008! Things 
doesn't need to be discardable, but also doesn't need to have 15 TTL chips 
to work... 

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