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Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2008 23:16:04 -0700
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Subject: Re: Friden Flexowriter

There seem to be more decwriters around and they can often be had for
cheaper. No paper tape punch/reader there though.

On another topic, I have a "Motorized Tape Punch - Model 2" made by
"Commercial Controls Corporation - Rochester 2, New York" which I
believe became Friden. I have no docs on it whatsoever. The real thing I
need to know is how to interface to it. It seems to be in adequate
physical shape, except for the chad tube. It was made of plastic and has
long since been broken off.

I'm very interested to hear of any known documentation for this beast.

There's a picture there with the case off, perhaps the Flexowriter punch
is similar inside?
Can't help you on the interface; almost looks homebrew, considering
it's built on perfboard. Has some previous owner perhaps already built
an interface?

Shouldn't be too hard to figure out though; looks like 8 lines to select
the byte, and there should be another to "clock" it in, i.e., engage
the clutch that drives the perforator. Looks like it could use a little
cleaning & some lube.

I have a unit that uses the same perforator mechanism; the motor runs
constantly and there's a solenoid that trips a clutch to drive the punch
shaft one revolution. There should be some cam switches inside that 
cast housing for timing, and 9 interposer solenoids inside the perforator 
that free or lock the perforator pins, and the selected ones are then driven 
through the tape. (These solenoids actually look like little relays without 

I doubt that you'd need any parts (these were pretty heavy duty units)
but if you do, I've scrapped a few of these and still have some of the
mechanical parts (no chad tubes though, alas).


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