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Wed Feb 27 21:22:03 CST 2008

On Wednesday 27 February 2008 20:17, Chuck Guzis wrote:
> On 27 Feb 2008 at 19:01, Jerome H. Fine wrote:
> > Although both the drive and media have the word "Zip" on them,
> > I didn't notice until you helped me to remember that they are
> > indeed called Zip drives.  I feel I was fortunate to have the
> > internal SCSI version.  For the PC, there is a full set of software
> > tools available.  For the PDP-11, they are just nice ordinary
> > drives with removable media - although the software WRITE
> > PROTECT feature requires the PC software tools to toggle the
> > status of the media.
> The thing that was nice about the Zip drives was that they
> represented 100MB of inexpensive storage when most of the
> alternatives were pretty pricey.  Very popular with the Macintosh
> crowd, Apple offered them as an option.  There is a 250MB Zip drive
> also, but they seem not to be as popular as the 100MB version--and I
> don't know a thing about their reliability as compared to their
> smaller cousins.

I've got one of those,  probably the 100MB variety,  in an external SCSI 
configuration.  I have no idea if it works or not as I don't have any media 
to test it with,  and what I've seen for sale is usually in multiples with a 
price that's a bit more than I want to deal with for something I'm not sure I 
can use.

Anybody know if I took this out of the external case could it be used as an 
internal drive?

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