Chuck Guzis cclist at
Thu Feb 28 10:55:34 CST 2008

On 28 Feb 2008 at 9:08, Jules Richardson wrote:

> But then people said that about those floppy-connected QIC tape drives (hmm, 
> those were IOmega too, weren't they?) and lots of people seemed to find that 
> they had dreadful reliability too. Seemed nice at the time, but not so good a 
> few months down the line...

There was a lot of junk in the way of tape drives out at the time.  
We wouldn't endorse any kind of tape that (a) didn't use a standard 
SCSI interface and command set (b) didn't perform read-after-write 
verification.  4mm DAT barely qualified, but we cautioned against it 
as being not-quite-ready-for-serious-use.  The only Travan drive that 
even came close was an HP model that claimed to do read-after-write.  
Our customers used this stuff out in the field almost exclusively, so 
it also had to survive environmental stress.

To their credit, I've a number of Zip drives and at least 2 Jaz 
drives as well as a couple of Bernoullis and they all seem to work 
fine.  But recommending something for rugged use is a different 
matter entirely.

Most customers eventually went to purchasing hard drives to hold 
backup data.


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