Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at
Thu Feb 28 11:19:51 CST 2008

Chuck Guzis wrote:
> There was a lot of junk in the way of tape drives out at the time.  
> We wouldn't endorse any kind of tape that (a) didn't use a standard 
> SCSI interface and command set (b) didn't perform read-after-write 
> verification.  4mm DAT barely qualified, but we cautioned against it 
> as being not-quite-ready-for-serious-use.  

Indeed - I used to use DAT quite a lot; I admit to getting sucked in by the 
small cartridge size. Eventually I got sick of the problems - it wasn't just 
bad tapes, but the drives themselves seemed to fail at a pretty high rate.

I switched over to DLT quite a few years ago - and whilst it's not quite been 
error-free, results have seemed a lot better than any of the competition 
(floppies, other tape technologies, optical media etc.).

(OT: Just recently I've started mainly using off-line hard disk storage, 
though - it's cheap enough now that I can afford to keep copies of data spread 
over several drives and at a couple of different locations)

Funny to think that the primary storage might eventually be solid-state, and 
it'll be the venerable hard disk that's solely used as a backup device!



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