Integral RAM upgrade

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Fri Feb 29 01:02:52 CST 2008

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> Subject: Integral RAM upgrade
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> I recently bought another HP Integral on E-bay, and after the normal 
> cleanup on the floppy drive it works fine. The expansion slots both 
> cotnained boards, one was a 512K RAM board, the other an RS232 oard 
> (which is the main reason I watned this machine!).
> Anyway, the RAM board was clearly identical to the 1M board, 
> just with 
> only have the RAM chips fitted and the links set differently. 
> Having got 
> a lot of 41256 chips on old PC memory boards, I spent the afternoon 
> upgrading it to 1M.
> In my machine, wioth no RAM boards fitted. there's 264K free. 
> With the 
> 512K board, it reports 764K free. And with the 1M board, 1264K free.
> My question is what's happening to the other 12K of each half-meg? Or 
> deos 'status' have an odd definition of a kilobyte?
> -tony
Don't know where the 12K is going to - maybe address space reserved for
I/O - but I have to say I was extremely impressed by the upgrade -
almost exciting reading!

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