An Interesting Control Panel

Rick Bensene rickb at
Fri Feb 29 10:45:13 CST 2008

>I was watching "How It's Made" on the Discovery Channel this morning,
>and they were constructing speakers.  As they went to magnetize the
>ferrite ring, I noticed the operator working with an interesting
>three-button control panel.

>The button he pressed was a red "Fault" light/button.  To their left
>was a beautiful white "Ready" light/button, and one marked "Write
>Protect".  This strikes me as a very interesting magnetizing

These are definitely swindicators (switches/indicators) from a DEC RL01
or RL02 drive.  You can see the unit select number has been "obscured"
in some way (white paint?) on the "READY" switch.

Wonder if they are using just the switch assemblies, or perhaps using
the big voicecoil positioner of the RL01/RL02 as part of the system that
magnetizes the ferrite?

Rick Bensene

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