VAXstation/MicroVAX 2000 CPU/FPU overheating?

Mark Tapley mtapley at
Fri Feb 29 15:25:40 CST 2008

At 9:26 -0600 2/29/08, Dave wrote:
>Yes, I'm wondering if it's something like that, however how likely is it
>that both devices would experience the same fairly-uncommon failure mode
>at the same time?

I'm chiming in very late and probably not very helpfully, but is 
there any way a decoupling cap in the vicinity of the FPU/CPU could 
either load them or generate heat itself by beginning to short to 
ground? My only VAX (4000VLC) had a fault like that in the reset 
circuit which would sometimes hold it in reset, as you may remember 
from a couple of years ago.
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