Decmate collectors?

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On Wed, Jan 02, 2008 at 03:09:11PM -0500, Curt @ Atari Museum wrote:
> Hi,
>   Are there any DecMate collectors on the list? 

Yes, but I already have one (a rescue from a college lab hallway, two
decades ago).  I had been trying to fire it up again this past summer,
and had dug out the pedestal, the CPU, and a keyboard, but stalled when
I could not locate the CPU-to-RX02 cable.

>   I have a really 
> excellent shape Decmate (VT100 case) and before putting it onto Ebay I 
> wanted to see if I could keep it to more of a fixed audience of serious 
> classic computing collectors and not just have it out onto Ebay to go to 
> someone who may have a passing fancy, then stick it into a closet or 
> trash it.

They are very nice, for a microprocessor-based -8.  I'm sure someone on the
list would love to have one.  I'm responding, not because I myself am
interested, but because of a tangental topic I was going to post on today,
anyway... specifically about the floppy-drive cable...

Just yesterday, I saved a handful of DC37M shells from the scrap bin,
and thought about whipping up a dual-RX02 interface cable.  My recollection 
is that the DECmate has a DC37F on the back, and either a DC37M to single DB25M
or to two DB25Ms.  What I don't have handy is the pinout for the Y cable,
nor even a signal count so I can select an appropriate length of raw cable
to which to attach pins to.

If anyone could direct me to the appropriate manual/engineering drawing
set/etc., I would be much obliged.  I can retrieve PDF files, but searching
from here is a bit taxing.



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