wanted "PC Brand" system and "Best Data" 2400 Modem

jim s jwstephens at msm.umr.edu
Wed Jan 2 12:30:35 CST 2008

Michael Lee wrote:
> This is pretty boring and only borderline "classic", but for 
> sentimental reasons, I'm looking for a beige box-ish "PC Brand" 
> computer.  Anyone happen to know of, or anything about them or the 
> company?  Figured by some chance, somewhere here knows something and 
> may even have one stashed away still.
> They were sold mail order early 1990.  The ones I know of were a 
> desktop style, 386 or 486.  The system itself was not a standard 
> common AT, but a "PC Brand" laid out chassis and motherboard as far as 
> I can tell.
> Also, looking for an Internal ISA "Best Data" 2400 modem.  A generic 
> POS, but still I'd like to just get my hands on one.
There was a PC-2 brand sold in the late 80's till 90's by a company here 
in the US.  The Taiwanese Wugo corporation sold their hardware thru this 
unit in Santa Ana Ca.  The owner had trademared the PC2 or PC-2 and he 
claimed that was why IBM had to use PS 2 rather than PC2 for their 
follow on to the original PC and AT.

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