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Thu Jan 3 22:09:21 CST 2008

On Wed, 2 Jan 2008, Jay West wrote:

> ChrisM wrote....
>> someone posted something about DEC racks.
> That was me.
>> I'm not exactly sure what a rack is in this context - didn't
>> read the posts nor do I intend to
> Maybe you should have, it would have explained it for you - since I called 
> them Corporate Cabinets in the post ;) Guess it depends on your background, 
> but I've heard them called racks far more often than cabinets.
>> would think. If anyone's interested, give me a hollur.
> I had no takers for mine.... three nice racks, some ra81's, and lots of 
> ephemera.... the dumpster has come and gone...
> Jay 

Oh goodie... That means my RA81's are rarer and more valuable now...

If it wasn't so much work I'd break them down for the aluminum...


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