offer - OS/2 for the PDP-11

jd onymouse at
Sat Jan 5 16:11:53 CST 2008

madodel wrote:
> I have never seen an OS/2 based ATM at a command prompt.  It must have
> been a windoze based ATM.  

No, it was OS/2. Windoze was not used for ATM's at the time. It is
possible to get into a shell. Have had to use a mere numeric keypad to
get a shell prompt when the keyboard, trackball and touchscreen all
quit working. <=Warp3+. btdt. I know that windoze, since NT3.51 and
95, has been put on ATM's. Wasn't at all hard to BSOD them; sometimes
just looking cross at them does it. Usually it took a tiny bit more,

> Large IBM customers have contracted for their own OS/2 source code line
> support.  IBM refers smaller customers who just need to purchase new
> licenses or get support for new hardware to Serenity Systems for their
> OEM version of OS/2.

It's nice that it's not following other better OS's into oblivion,
then. I'm sure there was much rejoicing. Define "large customers"?
Mega OS/2 sales/licenses or mega multinationals or what?


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