DECnet,SNA vs TCP/IP / was Re: AS/400 a "VAX killer"?

Antonio Carlini arcarlini at
Wed Jan 9 18:19:38 CST 2008

Adrian Graham wrote:

> You missed out the DEREN which was the correct answer to 'what shall
> I use as a repeater device on the other end of my DEREP'

The device on the other end of a DEREP-RA would be another DEREP-RA.
The technical manual says that for local use you use a single DEREP-AA,
using an AUI cable from each of the DEREP-AA AUI connections to
H4000 vampire taps on your two thickwire cables to be joined.

The remote repeater is made up of two DEREP-RA each of which
connects to a nearby thickwire ethernet cable via an AUI; the two
DEREP-Ras are connected by up to 1km of fibre.

I _think_ that the DEREN worked the same way (single for local
use, two for remote use), and I _think_ it was later than the

The installation manual for the DEREN-RA indicates that you could
put a remote bridge on the "other" end instead.


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