ST412 controller cables

Roy J. Tellason rtellason at
Wed Jan 9 19:06:54 CST 2008

On Wednesday 09 January 2008 18:12, Tony Duell wrote:
> >   1) Does anyone have a spare set of control and data cables?  I'm
> > willing to pay for 'em, or visit Maplin for components to make up a set,
> > since they're probably easy to make with IDC connectors and ribbon cable.
> If you want to make them, then it is very easy. They are just
> straight-throught 20 (data) and 34 (control) cables. IDC header sockets
> on one end, edge connectors on the other. I am not sure if Maplin still
> do the necessary bits, but RS/Farnell do (and IIRC the latter sell IDC
> ribbon cable in short-ish lengths).
> The original IBM PC/AT control cable had a twist in some of the wires so
> that boht drives cound be wst to the same DS line. But unlike the floppy
> cable, whenre the twise is needed to geve separate motor control for the
> 2 floppy drives, the twist in the hard disk cabel is not necessary. You
> cna use an untwisted cable and just set the DC links appropriately.

I replied to the original post off-list,  but since this is coming up here,  
I'll mention here that I have a bunch of those kinds of cables,  some of 
which have differing combinations of pin-type or edge connectors,  some may 
have a twist or not,  I'd have to look,  but if anyone needs such,  feel free 
to contact me off-list and I'll go look in the box of cables and see what 
I've got,  in detail...

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