Thanks Lawrence (whoever you are :) (was: youtube movie of making avacuum triode. )

Jay West jwest at
Sat Jan 12 11:20:08 CST 2008

Richard wrote...
> A big thank you for taking on the job, even though I've never benefitted 
> from his hard work!

1) cctalk is basically unmoderated (I mean from an automated standpoint. 
>From a policy standpoint I do "moderate" it). When someone offends they are 
told privately or publicly but posts to cctalk are not "screened". Well, 
other than for spam, OR, if it's coming from an account that isn't 
subscribed to the list, or, if it's someone I specifically tagged as "their 
posts require approval".

2) There are actually three people doing the moderation of posts from cctalk 
to cctech; myself and two other people. My impression is that the other 2 
volunteered to provide a service and aren't seeking recognition or anything 
for it. I did not intend to post the name of one of the moderators (unless 
they wanted to speak up). However, a post indicating ambivalence (and a 
private one even indicating contempt) for that effort sure got under my skin 
and caused a knee-jerk reaction (albeit, IMHO still justified).


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