Backing up VMS

Zane H. Healy healyzh at
Sun Jan 13 14:40:49 CST 2008

At 8:34 AM -0800 1/13/08, Scott Quinn wrote:
>Why not write out a BACKUP tape with standalone BACKUP at the front 
>so you can do a restore install? Only read about it being done on 
>TKxx/TZxx drives, but it would be worth looking into, as it is the 
>"official" DEC way to build a restorable backup (and is how they 
>shipped the VMS tape distros) (haven't read too much about it 
>because I don't have any CompacTape media right now).

I personally prefer a CD with Standalone Backup, that way you don't 
have to worry about the tape going bad.  But then I prefer CD's on my 
PDP-11's where possible, so I don't have normal setups. :^)  I know 
on VAXen you can build Standalone Backup on a HD, I believe this 
feature was dropped from Alpha after 6.1.

For my main box, a Compaq XP1000/667, I keep a combination of spare 
HD's and a DLT tape or two with my system disk on it.  Since it is an 
Alpha, I boot from CD to backup/duplicate the system disk.


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