DEC Keyboard Mouse Emulator (was RE: Backing up VAX/VMS?)

Martin Bishop mjd.bishop at
Mon Jan 14 03:25:10 CST 2008

The Microchip USB PICs can implement a HID class driver compatible (USB)
device and inject key codes into windows.  Since the reports are built
in the PIC, any (USB Kbd HID) legal codes can be generated.  The LK-201
to USB keycode mapping can be done to taste in the PIC.

This would *definitely* work, to venture an opinion the PS2 interface
should work but would be "harder".


Bob Armstrong wrote:

> Dave Dunfield <dave06a at> wrote:

>Related topic: Keyboard/Mouse emulator?

>I found details of the keyboard and mouse protocol in the back of
>a Microvax manual, and have been toying with the idea of building
>a small embedded controller to take a PC (PS2) keyboard and mouse,
>and emulate the DEC equivalents to the VAX - would anyone else be
>interested in this?

  I'd be very interested, not because I have a shortage of DEC keyboards
mice, but because it'd allow me to use my VAXstation or PRO-380 on a KVM
switch along with various PCs.  The KVM switch can handle the video, but
can't cope with the DEC keyboards and mice.

  I suspect that this may not be as easy as you think, but if you're
I'll build the hardware if you write the firmware.

Bob Armstrong

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