MOMS Autograft4

Tony Duell ard at
Mon Jan 14 17:32:20 CST 2008

> >
> >Has anyone ever heard of an Autograft system?  When I try to turn it 
> >on it fails.  The hard drive grunts and then it sounds like its 
> >releasing a relay or solenoid.  I plugged it into a regular desktop 
> >power supply and it does the same thing  Then the access LED blinks 
> >morse code at me.  Is there any way I can get it spinning to recover 

What is the make and model of the hard disk? I susepct it's actually some 
standard drive.

> >the data?  What do you guys recommend?  It was frozen last night but 
> >its warm now.
> Update, the hard drive is now spinning...but the 186 CPU card isn't 
> doing anything according to the Jade bus do I leave the 

I have no idea what the Jade probe actually does, but have you done the 
normal tests of checking the supply voltages at the processor oard, then 
checking if the CPU clock is running, checking that the reset line isn't 
stuck asseted, and then looking for activity on the address and data 
lines? Ues a ;scope or logic probe.


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