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Scott Quinn compoobah at
Wed Jan 16 10:05:08 CST 2008

Not me, but saw this mentioned elsewhere (from New York):

> Date: 2008-01-15, 9:04PM EST
> I'm clearing out some of my collection of older Unix-based systems,  
> and at this point, I just want to be rid of them. I'm offering them  
> for $20 each. Any less than that, and I'll part them out, and  
> reclaim the gold. If you want more than $100 in gear, let me know,  
> and I'll work out a deal with you.
> Most of these systems all worked the last time I used them, and all  
> have CPU's, memory, and a disk. Some of the rest of them I never  
> got around to doing anything with, so I don't know for sure if they  
> have a disk. I also don't know for sure what the exact specs are --  
> the model numbers don't really help, because I usually reconfigured  
> them when they arrived. Some of these systems take proprietary  
> keyboards and mice, which I may or may not have laying around.  
> Others (like Sun, for example) I have more keyboards than I know  
> what to do with.
> I do have ISOs of operating system installation CD's for most of  
> these systems, which I can burn onto DVD-R in trade for a bunch of  
> blanks.
> Here's a list of the machines that need homes:
> - DEC/Digital MicroVAX 2000; this one doesn't have a disk, so it'd  
> have to be net booted over a LAVc.
> - Silicon Graphics Indy; I have two of these to move.
> - DEC/Digital DEC 3000 Alpha workstation
> - DEC/Digital Personal DECstation 5000/25
> - Sun SPARCstation 2; not sure if this one works anymore -- you can  
> have it for free
> - Sun SPARCstation 4
> - Sun SPARCstation 5
> - HP B160L
> - HP C240
> - IBM 43p
> - Sun Ultra 10
> - Silicon Graphics Indigo2; a few Express graphics systems and a  
> couple Impact graphics systems. The R10k Max Impact with a lot of  
> memory is something I'd like to get $50 for.
> Non-workstation stuff that I want to move:
> Chaparral Fibre Channel to SCSI bridge
> Brocade Silkworm 2800 -- two carcasses, with one supply in each --  
> one has the password set, and the other doesn't boot properly, and  
> I don't use Brocade, so I don't need them.
> I also have Fibre Channel and SCSI storage and accessories, which  
> would be more than the $20 each. I have 73GB SCSI drives in  
> UltraWide SCSI arrays, and I have 181GB FC drives in small  
> standalone enclosures. I do also have 1G/2G/4G Fibre Channel PCI  
> cards, cables, GBICs/SFPs, etc. If you need anything to do with FC/ 
> SCSI storage, let me know.
> Thanks,
> Chris
>     * Location: North Tonawanda
>     * it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other  
> commercial interests

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