40M drive for postage

Roy J. Tellason rtellason at verizon.net
Fri Jan 18 02:15:29 CST 2008

>From a private email:

> >> D3142 Disk Drive  P/N 134-500558-531  and I think I looked that up once
> >> and it came back as a 40 meg drive.  Has a 17 connectors for some kinda
> >> plug in one place and 10 more farther over with about a 3/8 gap between
> >> the two groups.  Oh, well, hell.  Here is a pic attached.
> >
> > Those connectors are marked as 34 and 20 pin,  which means either MFM or
> > RLL, depending.  I have some of that old stuff around,  but don't have any
> > near-term plans to use any of it.  Dunno anybody else who does,
> > either.  I can forward a snip of that info to the classic computers list
> > and see if anybody wants it,  though.  Want anything for it?
> Nah, just postage if anyone can use it.  I never will.

I have the pic here if anybody wants to see it.  Can any of you guys use this 
thing?  If so let me know offlist and I'll put you in touch...

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