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Gene Buckle geneb at
Sat Jan 19 14:12:59 CST 2008

>> See
>> It's an 8080 based computer with a full front panel.  He designed and
>> assembled it himself.  All the boards are put together using point to
>> point wiring using wire-wrap sized wire, all soldered.  It's pretty damn
>> neat.  He's only 20 too.  It's nice to see that he won't be counted among
>> the people that think building a computer involves dropping some cards
>> into a PC clone motherboard. :)
> He also did a very amusing cover of the Portal Song (the ending theme
> Still Alive), performed by a C64 SID. The SID adaptation is so-so but if
> you've ever seen the end game, the displays are pretty much spot-on (even
> the ASCII art).

The cool thing about that is that the SID is living on another hand-wired 
perf board sitting on the scratch built backplane he made, being driven by 
a program running on the 8080.  :)

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