Interesting search on Flickr (really it is on topic)

jim s jwstephens at
Sun Jan 20 06:33:34 CST 2008

I didn't realize I had a lot of time to kill tonight and put in 
"interdata" into's search.  It hits photos taken at a 2005 
reunion which apparently was for     Interdata, Perkin Elmer, and 
Concurrent ex employees.

Probably from someone on this list, though the name didn't ring a bell.  
I won't post it here for privacy's sake in case the people who are 
mentioned would like not to be spammed.

There are some nice photos of vintage equipment in the pile, which leads 
to other photo collections ...

I have seen others mention lists for Dec equipment as well, but had not 
seen Interdata mentioned or searched for.


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