IBM RT 6150?

Jeff Brendle brendle at
Mon Jan 21 07:33:27 CST 2008

yeah. I remember compiling being a lot more "fun" on those...

And the RT 6152 w/ the crossbow "rt on a MCA card" thing I think  
worked with a PS/2 Mod 60 shell. boot began from BIOS on the 286 mobo  
and then switched over to complete on the RT card. CompSci here used  
to have a pile of them way back in the day. I remember some talk of  
using dual crossbows to get a dual CPU fire-breathing monster. well,  
you know, at least not slow as molasses

On Jan 20, 2008, at 11:37 AM, Steven Hirsch wrote:
> n.b. All of the available C compilers have "quirks" that make  
> development work a real challenge!
> For real rarity, there was an "RT on a card" that plugged into a  
> few of the later Microchannel boxen (Mod 80/85 I think) and let you  
> dual boot DOS and AOS.  Never was able to get ahold of this bugger.

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