BTI 8000

Jim Battle frustum at
Thu Jan 24 11:46:10 CST 2008

Al Kossow wrote:
> In Aug, 2004, Jim Battle wrote:
>  > Speaking of core memory, I used to work for a company that was still
>  > shipping core-based systems in 1985, when I first joined them right out
>  > of college.
>  >
>  > The machine was the "BTI 8000", made by BTI Computer Systems, based in
>  > Sunnyvale, CA.  I worked there for only a year, but I have some
>  > recollection of the machine.
> I turned up a brochure and technical summary last night, scans up under

That is a great find!  Thanks for posting it.

A few months back I made contact with the the guy who was the lead of 
the software group at BTI.  He said he'd check around to see what docs 
he had, but he didn't get back to me.  I'll ping him again and point to 
your directory so he gets the idea that there would be a good home for 
this information.

A while back I bought the AFIPS 79 proceedings as there is an article in 
it where BTI describes some features of their architecture.  However, I 
don't dare scan and post the article as IEEE still actively protects its 
copyrights.  If the CHM could ask the IEEE for permission to post that 
one article, I'd happily scan it and forward it to you.

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