A sign of the times

Alexandre Souza alexandre-listas at e-secure.com.br
Sat Jan 26 07:13:53 CST 2008

> So what to do with the old monsters?  They use 68000 CPUs, with
> differing SIP and DIP memories.  Scrappers, I guess.  It's sad
> because both of these have pretty much been the only printer I've
> used since a Diablo Hitype II.  It wouldn't surprise me if each has
> more than 250,000 copies on it.

    Very interesting question. The situation was different for a long time 
here in Brazil. I have an old Laserjet 4+ which had about a liter or two of 
coke inside, when I bought it on a scrapyard. I bought it for R$ 100, when 
the market value was about R$ 500 and a new printer was more than R$ 1200. 
Disassembled, cleaned, rebuilt the printer and I use it since then. But now 
a **brand new** hp printer costs around R$ 300 and what to do with the old 
gal when it breaks?

    I still use that (I do a lot of printer circuit making with it) but how 
long it will last? 

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