A sign of the times

Alexandre Souza alexandre-listas at e-secure.com.br
Sat Jan 26 18:36:22 CST 2008

>   A brand new one is super-cheap, but newer HP printers are absolute 
> garbage.  That LJ4+ will last practically forever.  If you can find a 
> junker to keep around as a source for parts, you'll be able to keep it 
> running indefinitely.

    I already got it! Got a 4+ without fuser assembly for a song, and throw 
everything away but the useful parts: Gear train, motor, power supply, panel 
and have (safely) stored a new fuser roller, fuser gear and "fuse" gear (the 
entire gear train of the 4+ is made of metal, but ONE gear. This gear breaks 
if the fuser assembly locks up or something weird happens in the gear 
train). I can make it work forever!!! Although I'd love to have a HP5 (that 
is an HP4 with two very interesting features: A "cancel job" button and the 
infrared comm) 

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