Z80 Divide by 10

woodelf bfranchuk at jetnet.ab.ca
Mon Jan 28 17:13:11 CST 2008

Jim Leonard wrote:

>> Can we just shoot the designers of the 8086 and just leave it that. !?
> But seriously -- why?  I didn't find it all that horrible -- in fact, I 
> missed the string handling (REP MOVSW/STOSW/SCASW/etc.) on all the other 
> platforms I mentioned.  If they truly deserve to be shot, I want to know 
> why :-)

Make a list   A:  6809   B: 8086
See Answer:
That is not quite fair for Intel since the 6809 came out after
the 8086.  The problem is you have a 16 bit design crippled
so you can be 8080A software comptable.

My personal bias is the pre-fetch buffer, you never know just
what speed your cpu is running at. I find both the Z80 and
8086 not clean as they tweek the 8080A instruction set to something
that is almost usefull.

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