Simple peer to peer network?

Gerold Pauler gerold.pauler at
Tue Jan 29 07:37:43 CST 2008

Hi Jim,

if you are using RS485 as the physical bus structure
you will be restricted to 32 units on the same bus.

You can use the description of multimaster protocols
like PROFIBUS (token passing) or CAN (priorities)
as a starting point, but you have to implement
your own peer to peer protocol on top of that.


Am Di, den 29.01.2008 schrieb Jim Brain um 04:30:
> Sellam wants to finish the 64 c64 cluster for the next VCF.  I've been 
> researching ideas for communicating among the machines, and the best 
> ideas point to using the two synchronous serial ports on the user port 
> (low wire count, transfers at 250kbps).
> But, I have grawn a complete blank on plans for a true peer to peer 
> (token based or otherwise) networking protocol.  Everything I see is 
> master/slave.  RS485 material talks about the hardware layer, but there 
> is no detail on the protocol layer. 
> I would think this would be a well researched and innovated area, low 
> speed communication without a master node.  Anyone have any pointers for 
> things to look into?
> Jim

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