Q-BUS primer?

Zane H. Healy healyzh at aracnet.com
Thu Jan 31 10:40:35 CST 2008

At 10:12 PM -0500 1/30/08, Dave Dunfield wrote:

You'll need to do some more research, but here goes...  You need to 
ID the backplanes for sure so that you don't blow something up.

>Three chassis:
>   BA-23: complete with outer shell and end caps. It bears a
>   "MicroVAX II" label on the console switch panel, and has a
>   floppy drive (dual disk) installed in it.

22-bit, for the MicroVAX II CPU you have

>   I don't know the model numbers for the next two:
>   - One looks like a BA32 but smaller, and has the "3-switch" PDP
>     console/display panel on it. The cards are inserted from the
>     front beside the panel.

Likely an 18-bit backplane for the -11/23 CPU.

>   - The last one is the smallest, looks much like the one above,
>     complete with 3-switch console/display panel, however instead
>     of metal side/top/bottom plates, it has a "wire cage". It also
>     has a second expansion chassis of similar construction with no
>     power supply or console panel.

I'm guessing this is a 16-bit backplane for the -11/03

>I've also got the following third party cards - I don't know
>anything about these, other than the identifying marks found
>on the boards listed below - if anyone can provide more
>information on these, that would be helpful: (Several of them
>appear to be media controllers of one sort or another).
>Andromedia Systems UDC-11 rev H   (50 pin connector at front edge)
>Micro Technology Inc. MSV05B (x2) (50 pin connector at front edge)
>TD Systems TDL-11H/A              (50 pin connwctor at front edge)
>Xylogics "Wizard 1"               (50 pin connector at front edge)
>SDC-RXVZ1 "8202 FD Controller"    (50 pin connector at front edge)

Have you Googled these?  Google Groups aka DejaNews will be the most 
help.  The first three *might* be some sort of SCSI, if so I'm 
guessing that second one talks to tape drives.  Can you provide 
pictures of the 3rd party boards?  Those are more useful.

>Versatec LSI-11 P/P Interface     (40 pin connector at front edge)

Useless, it's for a Versatec plotter.

Did you get any drives with any of this stuff?


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