Commodore 64 Power Supply

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Tue Jul 1 13:00:37 CDT 2008

Jules Richardson wrote:
> gordonjcp at wrote:
>> On Mon, Jun 30, 2008 at 02:24:16AM +0100, Tony Duell wrote:
>>> Making a switching supply to give a 50Hz or 60Hz AC output would be 
>>> decidedly non-trivial (and IMHO not senisble here). The obvious way to 
>> And yet I've got a couple of C64 power supplies that are most definitely
>> switchers.  *Someone* did it, but since they're currently 220 miles away
>> it's a bit hard to read the label.
> Were those custom jobs, or off-the-shelf supplies (that someone 
> stuffed into a box)? I don't think I've seen an off-the-shelf switcher 
> with a 9VAC output* before, but Farnell, Plessey, Astec and Weir crop 
> up all over the place in UK equipment...
> * I don't think, anyway. Some of them do seem to have an 'aux'-type 
> output that the user can tweak to their own spec, though.
Late in the game, CBM switched (no pun intended) to switchers.  I have a 
C128 PSU that is a switcher.  They were mounted in the same case, but 
you can tell by the weight.


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