Further PERQ Emulator progress (and a download!)

Josh Dersch derschjo at msu.edu
Thu Jul 3 12:38:55 CDT 2008

Dave McGuire wrote:
> On Jul 3, 2008, at 9:56 AM, Jules Richardson wrote:
>>> Includes all you need to get going.  You'll need a Windows machine 
>>> with .NET Framework 2.0.  (Yes, I hear the jeering from the peanut 
>>> gallery.  Sorry I didn't write this for your OS.  If you want to 
>>> help with a Mono port when I get this thing more finished, let me 
>>> know :))
>> :-)
>> Is it written in such a way that a port will be easy? (if it *needs* 
>> .NET, maybe not! :-)
>   That's the whole point of .NET.  Proprietary lock-in is the only 
> reason Microsoft is in business today.  Sleazy, but very effective.
In the case of .NET, there's the whole Mono initiative 
(http://www.mono-project.com/Main_Page) which is an open source .NET 
runtime on top of your favorite unix variants.  C# and the CLR are 
openly specified (ECMA/ISO).  There's no particular reason that PERQemu 
couldn't be compiled under Mono, but I haven't tried it.

Additionally, I plan on releasing the source to this once I get it to a 
state I'm happy with.  (The code right now is... ugly, let's say.)  So 
if you want to rewrite it in C or Fortran 77 or MIX you can feel free :).

>   Seconded!
Thanks :).

>         -Dave
> --Dave McGuire
> Port Charlotte, FL

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