TRS-80 M16b board identification...

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at
Tue Jul 15 07:35:34 CDT 2008

Josh Dersch wrote:
> Amongst some TRS-80 Model 16 parts I picked up this past weekend is a 
> board I can't identify.  It's labeled as a "Tandy 16B Adapter", PCA 
> 00717000 REV 0.  It doesn't seem to have much on it, a few TTL chips and 
> a 50 pin connector.
> I put a pic up at:
> Anyone know what it is?

SCSI/SASI maybe? I'm no TRS-80 expert (at all!), but the 50-pin connector, 
handful of TTL and the resistor packs all make it 'smell' about right...

Wouldn't surprise me if it's just SASI, for hookup to one of the Adaptec / 
Xebec / OMTI / Emulex bridge boards (and from there to a ST506/412 hard disk 
or QIC tape unit)



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