Apple I BASIC dump

Eric Smith eric at
Wed Jul 16 23:34:45 CDT 2008

Ethan Dicks wrote about bit-banging serial between two computers:
> Did that to move Infocom game sectors from an Apple II to a C-64.

Amazing!  I did the exact same thing, when I owned the Apple II games 
but wanted to play them on a C-64 at school.

On later occasions, I transferred Infocom game images serially from an 
Atari 800 to the Apple II, from the Apple II to an IBM PC, and from the 
IBM PC to a Mac, but I didn't have to write any bit-banging code for any 
of those.  I also wrote a Turbo Pascal program on the PC to read Infocom 
games from Kaypro disks.

I'd reverse-engineered the Apple II Infocom interpreter myself around 
1982-1983, and based on that wrote my own in Turbo Pascal in 1985.  I 
should have posted it to comp.sources back then, but since Infocom was 
still a going concern at the time, I was afraid they would sue me. 
Unfortunately I no longer have any of the software I wrote in that era.

A friend kept a printed listing of my reverse-engineered source code for 
the Apple II interpreter, so I've got a PDF of scan of it here:


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