know where I can get a 800k drive for a mac SE?

Jeff Walther trag at
Thu Jul 17 10:46:09 CDT 2008

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> On Wed, Jul 16, 2008 at 12:19 PM, Jeff Walther <trag at> wrote:

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> well, i just looked, and they have 1.44m drives only, so that wont work.
> but, I have bought from shreve before in the past (although, over ebay)
> and
> found them to be reliable, but that was a while ago. thanks for the help
> though

My bad.  I was thinking of "autoinject" and not 800K vs. 1.44MB.   
However, unless you're a purist for collector's reasons, I think the 1.44
MB drive will work fine in the SE.  It will read and write 800K and 400K
disks just   as well as an 800K disk drive.

The only issue I can remember is that you might need a different floppy
drive cable (red stripe vs. yellow stripe) or was that an auto-inject vs
manual-inject cable issue?   It's been so long since I've dealt with
floppy replacement that that old knowledge isn't terribly accessible any

But I do know that the 1.44 MB auto-inject drive is a good functional
replacement for the 800KB auto-inject drive and the only reason not to do
it is if you're trying to keep the machine pristinely original.

Jeff Walther

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