Extreme screen "rot" on an ADM-3a (an ebay auction)

Sellam Ismail sellam at vintagetech.com
Thu Jul 17 22:34:25 CDT 2008

I've seen worse, as recently as a few days ago.  A beige/brown 
color-schemed ADM 3a came in for recycling and it looked like the CRT face 
was ready to just fall apart.  It was literally almost ten times worse 
than that in the subject eBay auction.

> I'm unsure if we've ever come to the conclusion if this is just an
> adhesion separation issue resulting in blotches resembling mold, or
> actual mold causing the separation. (Have we had some sort of cause
> for this problem?)

We came to the conclusion that it was a delamination issue.  If you can 
find it in the list archives, one of our intrepid list members did some 
experiment that pretty much conclusively proved it was delamination.

These are now starting to be worth real bucks.  I say they are worth 
getting in any condition at this point, especially if they can be 
rehabilitated.  I think if someone can find an equivalent CRT in a common 
piece of gear, like maybe an Apple monochrome monitor, then that would be 
useful.  I guess I could do that, if I make the time.

$250 is way too high for this one.  Drop the zero.  But add $25-$50 for 
the original manual.


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