Sticky cable (was Re: UK1010

Tony Duell ard at
Sun Jul 20 13:39:28 CDT 2008

> On a related subject, the mains cable of my UK101 has become sticky  
> where it has been in contact with expanded polystyrene for many  
> years. Has this happened to anyone else and does anyone know if this  
> is a chemical reaction? It might just be coincidence and maybe I  

I beleieve it is a chemcial reaction. I'ce heard reports of house fires 
caesed by expanded polystrene loft insulation in contact with 
power/lighting cables, the insulation on the latter having failed. 

Also, when uou buy a new <foo>, the mains lead is inside a plastic bag, 
to keep it away from the polystrenet packing. 

> spilt something on it and have forgotten about it. I used a large  
> ceiling tile to stand the machine on when I first got it so it would  
> not scratch the table and its been there ever since. Yes I know NOW  
> about static and expanded  polystyrene (I think its called styrofoam  
> in the states), but back then all the 74 series chips I bought, came  
> by post pressed into bits of normal white (non antistatic) expanded 

It was OK for 74xx and most 74LS parts, but I'd not use it for anything 
MOS. And I would have thought the UK101's Processor, RAM and ROM were all 
MOST devices...


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