cctalk Digest, Vol 59, Issue 18

Tony Duell ard at
Mon Jul 21 13:36:53 CDT 2008

> > > While on the
> > > topic, has anyone any experience with the Velleman integrated DMM/Pow=
> er
> > > supply/soldering iron?
> > >
> > >
> >
> > The way I look at it, that's three bits of test gear that might potenti=
> ally
> > get knocked out if one of them develops a fault. I'm not a fan of x-in-=
> one
> > anything...
> Agreed!

M. G. Scroggie, in his 'Radio Laboratory Handbook' makes a comment 
something like 'Versatility is useful, but beware of buying a 'jack of 
all trades and master of none'. Also remember that any instrument, no 
matter how versatile, can only be in one part of the circuit at a time'.

The latter doesn't apply to soemthing like a PSU and multimeter in the 
same box, of course. But some of these multimeters with all sorts of odd 
ranges on them may look very nice, until the day when you have to measure 
a voltage and a frequency at the same time :-).

I'd certainly not want my only multimeter in the same box as my bench 
PSU. The latter (if it's any good) will be heavy, but I want to be able 
to carry the meter around.


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