early desktop TCP/IP implementations (was Re: "first" computer on the internet)

Cameron Kaiser spectre at floodgap.com
Thu Jul 24 10:58:54 CDT 2008

> >> > Unix and Linux, yes.  MacOS didn't have built in TCP/IP until MacOS 8
> >> > in 1997.
> I don't think that is correct.  Unless you're claiming that MacTCP was
> not "built in", which you could claim, but John Veizades would probably
> have something to say about that.  It was certainly available long before
> 1995.  

I don't believe neither MacTCP nor Open Transport were standard parts of
MacOS until, in fact, OS 8. When I installed 7.1 and 7.5 (gag), I had to go
scare up separate networking stacks. I don't remember if 7.6 had anything
built in but I'm pretty sure Open Transport was still sold separately then

They were available, though, even MacTCP for System 6 IIRC.

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