Teledisk archive format

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at
Mon Jul 28 11:37:04 CDT 2008

dave06a at wrote:
> When I did my TD02IMD utility for ImageDisk, I dug into the TeleDisk format
> fairly deeply.

D'oh - sorry, I'd completely forgotten that you'd done some digging into this :(

Those notes are useful - thanks. I like the way the case of the signature in 
the header dictates the data compression type!

Silly question time, but has anyone actually tried poking NTI to see if 
they'll release an 'official' spec? (I'd assume that they have, but you never 
know :-)

 > My notes on the format are available on my web page, go to the
> Disks/Software images section linked near the end of the main page

Hmm, is it an idea to put the software/images and  simulators/emulators links 
at the top of your site's main page rather than the bottom? My logic was that 
a lot of people probably visit your site for those rather than 
machine-specific images, and it's a big page to scroll through (which'll only 
get bigger as more stuff's added)



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