Can anyone identify this 9-track drive?

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Wed Jul 30 01:55:52 CDT 2008

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Subject: Can anyone identify this 9-track drive?

> I picked up an old 9-track drive and thus far I've been unable to
> identify what, precisely, it is.
> I have a couple of pictures at:
The innards look very much (identical as far as I can see) like an M4 9914.
However, the 9914 accommodates all 4 densities (800 1600 3200 6250 bpi), and
has a small display in the bottom right hand corner. Some cards appear to be
identical to the ones I have. The one with the yellow sticker and the red
dip switch is the SCSI interface.

So my best guess is that it could be the older brother of the 9914, maybe
the 9906P ?


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