Can anyone identify this 9-track drive?

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Wed Jul 30 08:37:56 CDT 2008

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> > I picked up an old 9-track drive and thus far I've been unable to
>  > identify what, precisely, it is.
>  > I have a couple of pictures at:
>  >
>  > It has no manufacturer or brand information on it other than an
>  > "Interface Data, Inc." label on the front and a label on the back
>  > indicating that it is Model No. 9946.
> Hunting around at, externally it looks somewhat like
> the rebranded Qualstar 3402/3404 they sell.
Sorry, but I dont agree. The 34xx series do not have a plastic cover between
the lid and the drive mechanism. The H and W sizes dont match either, but
the correspond to the M4 drive


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