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> dwight elvey wrote:
>> Hi
>> I looked it up. If the pulse for the step is less than 0.5ms it assume
>> the buffered or auto step. I was confusing compensation with the
>> head selects that also change with the ST412 standard.
>> Dwight
> Do you know if this changed between ST251(-0) and ST251-1? Because -0
> drives are working but very hard to find - -1 are easier to find.

 I don't thinks so. as far as I know all ST251's supported auto stepping.
There might be a minor difference when single stepping using the millisecond
timing. As I recall they needed something on the order of 8 or 10 milliseconds.
One might be a little faster.
 When I was playing with mine, the original drive was 6 milliseconds.
Way to fast for the ST251. I then switches to using the auto stepping,
since then the controller didn't need to know anything about the step rate.
As I recall, the WD1000 will use auto stepping if you select 0 for the step

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