Tandy (Radio Shack) 6000 rescue

Eric J Korpela korpela at ssl.berkeley.edu
Sun Jun 1 20:35:53 CDT 2008

Thanks to Jay for getting be back on the list.

Please please please preserve the software and documentation and make
them available to the world, if at all possible.  If Al doesn't want
it, I'll take some of it at least.  Various Xenix versions and the
Xenix C development kit are (or at least were) available online, but I
haven't seen Fortran and Cobol.  I think I've got multiplan here, but
until I get my machine working again, it'll stay on disk.  Save dumps
of the drives in case there's something interesting on them.  It's a
shame that the old FTP sites that contained software for this beast
appear to be entirely gone.  These were one the most common Unix
machines in existence.  Now you'd think they never existed.

My 6000HD is currently not functioning, and I haven't had time to
attempt repairs.  If you are planning to get rid of one or more of the
6000s I might be interested.  Where are they located?  Check to see if
any have the Arcnet card.  If so, rejoice.

If you are planning to keep them, digital photos or scans of each of
the cards, showing wire "debugging" jumpers in place would be
valuable.  I have been told that the printed schematics of the 68000
card do not match the jumpered version, and I suspect that a dangling
wire is the cause of my problems.  Its destination is not entirely
apparent, since the solder blob came off with the wire.  Apparently
the joint was never good.  Who puts jumpers on the component side of a
board anyway?


On Fri, May 30, 2008 at 1:39 PM, Bob Rosenbloom <bobalan at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> I picked up the first of two loads of Tandy model 6000 stuff today. The documentation alone filled up more than half of my Suburban.
> There are service notes with some schematics along with docs
> on Fortran, Cobol, Xenix, etc. Around 10 disk units, some the
> Bernoulli type. Next week I'll pick up the two machines, terminals, printers and floppy drives.
> Anyone out there with one of these machines?
> Al, do you want all of the documentation and software?
> I plan on keeping very little of this stuff, I just did not want
> to see it get scrapped. There are some 8" floppy drives
> I'll keep, along with about 20 Data General 10 MB cartridges.
> If anyone is looking for something, let me know.
> Bob

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