Tandy (Radio Shack) 6000 rescue - photos

Eric J Korpela korpela at ssl.berkeley.edu
Mon Jun 2 00:37:28 CDT 2008

Well, I'm local enough I think that I'd be willing to pick up the
lesser of a) the amount that can fit in my car and b) the amount I can
bring home and remain married.  That might be enough to make your life
easier.  Let's talk off list and make arrangements....

On Sun, Jun 1, 2008 at 9:11 PM, Bob Rosenbloom <bobalan at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Eric J Korpela wrote:
>> Thanks to Jay for getting be back on the list.
>> Please please please preserve the software and documentation and make
>> them available to the world, if at all possible.  If Al doesn't want
>> it, I'll take some of it at least.  Various Xenix versions and the
>> Xenix C development kit are (or at least were) available online, but I
>> haven't seen Fortran and Cobol.  I think I've got multiplan here, but
>> until I get my machine working again, it'll stay on disk.  Save dumps
>> of the drives in case there's something interesting on them.  It's a
>> shame that the old FTP sites that contained software for this beast
>> appear to be entirely gone.  These were one the most common Unix
>> machines in existence.  Now you'd think they never existed.
>> My 6000HD is currently not functioning, and I haven't had time to
>> attempt repairs.  If you are planning to get rid of one or more of the
>> 6000s I might be interested.  Where are they located?  Check to see if
>> any have the Arcnet card.  If so, rejoice.
>> If you are planning to keep them, digital photos or scans of each of
>> the cards, showing wire "debugging" jumpers in place would be
>> valuable.  I have been told that the printed schematics of the 68000
>> card do not match the jumpered version, and I suspect that a dangling
>> wire is the cause of my problems.  Its destination is not entirely
>> apparent, since the solder blob came off with the wire.  Apparently
>> the joint was never good.  Who puts jumpers on the component side of a
>> board anyway?
>> Eric
> I have a photo of the manuals here:
> http://www.dvq.com/tandy/maunals.JPG
> More photos, close-ups of manuals and some hardware here:
> http://www.dvq.com/tandy/
> There is Fortran, Pascal, Cobol, Basic, work processing, and many types of
> business software. Some
> are just the manuals, some have the disk in the binders. There's a box of
> binders full of 8" floppies,
> and a box of Bernoulli cartridges. Also, there's some stuff for the Models
> 2, 12, and 16 thrown in the lot.
> Al is not interested in the stuff so I need to find a home, hopefully
> someone in the Silicon Valley area
> (it's located at my house in Santa Cruz, CA). Shipping this stuff won't be
> easy. I can take things to
> a shipping store though.
> I have not yet picked up the two machines and the big line printer. Should
> have it all by next Wed.
> I have no plans on keeping any of it. The lot included 25, 10 meg Data
> General cartridges, some Nova 3
> documentation, and two National Semi 4004 boards. That's the stuff I was
> interested in. I can't store the stuff
> forever, it's not in a good place, so the faster I dispose of it the better.
> Bob

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