Good Composite->VGA converters for classic computers (& video

Jim Leonard trixter at
Wed Jun 4 16:54:18 CDT 2008

Tony Duell wrote:
>> Just picked up a Wei-Ya ACV-011 CGA --> VGA converter board with the 
>> intention of using it with a Commodore 128 (and possibly Amiga).  It 
>> doesn't have a true TTL input, but there is a C128 enthusiast out there 
>> who published a small circuit to do the RGBI --> CGA interface.
> Err, what is a 'CGA Interface' if not a TTL-level RGBI one?

Don't know, but remember how the 5153 has special circuitry that turns 
color index #6 brown?  I don't think any converter anywhere would handle 
that properly and would just give me yellow, so my projects that require 
TV output from CGA are designed around the composite color output...
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