(copy of ) Apple I on ebay

Grant Stockly grant at stockly.com
Sat Jun 14 19:46:09 CDT 2008

At 03:07 PM 6/14/2008, you wrote:

>Al Kossow wrote:
>> > Is anyone else questioning if this 'original' might instead be 
>> one of Steve Gabaly's
>> > (aka 'obtronix') replicas?
>>That appears to be the case. The Rockwell 40 pin chip is wrong as well.
>>Unfortuantely, "counterfeits" doesn't appear to be in any of the categories
>>eBay lets you report.
>One thing that's very obvious is the modern geometries in the pcb 
>design. From the small closeup, you can see that within the pcb 
>traces all the 45 bends are perfectly symmetrical and the 
>corresponding corners are sharp as a knife. Boards of the day always 
>had a some discernible tolerance between the traces and distinct 
>rounding of the corners, even the 45 bends.

The traces are different, but in general that isn't a good way to 
identify a vintage / replica PCB.

The cassette board is also missing the copyright and NTI logo.

There are too many specific details about this to list them all... 

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