non-CP/M Z80 board

Tony Duell ard at
Wed Jun 18 22:42:01 CDT 2008

> > I think the chips under discussion were the 8085 specialty chips,
> > 8155, 8355, 8755, etc.  Got tubes of those?
>    I've got a dozen or so 8755s, two or three 8155s, and no 8355s.   
> Not tube quantities, unfortunately.

IIRC the 8355 was the mask-progeammed part, so it's not suprising you 
don't have any of those, If you did, they proably wouldn't contain the 
code you wanted :-). The 8755 was the EPROM part, and at least one 
version had a quartz windo for erasure (I don't know if there was an OTP 
type). The 8155 was RAM. All had I/O as well.

There's also the 8156, which is the same as the 8155 (RAM + I/O) but with 
an active-high chip select. Not as common as the 8155.

Of course you can use normal RAM and EPROM with the 8085 is you add and 
address latch. An 74x373, or the 74x573 which as a saner pinout, is a 
common choice.


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