TRIPOS and memory protection

Tony Duell ard at
Sun Jun 22 19:32:35 CDT 2008

> While fantasizing having a PDP-11 of my own, I was reading about TRIPOS
> and decided that would be fun to play with.  This line from the TRIPOS
> wikipedia article caught my attention:
> The most important TRIPOS concepts have been the non-memory-management
> approach (meaning no checks are performed to stop programs from using
> unallocated memory)
> Does this mean that any process is allowed to scribble anywhere in memory
> without provoking a segfault?

I beleive so. I'll have to look at the sources again, but I am pretty 
sure that the original TRIPOS would run on a PDP11/03. And I seem to 
rememebr mention of the PDP11/40 or PDP11/45 in the source, but that the 
MMU was not used. 


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