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Jim Leonard trixter at
Mon Jun 23 12:01:09 CDT 2008

Brad Parker wrote:
> I'd be curious to hear if anyone is using zfs for long term archival and
> how they feel about being glued to solaris to use it.  (aside: I used to
> be a serious solaris weenie back in the day, so I'm a fan, but linux
> just became so much more practical at some point)

I have run Solaris at home for a few years now, and I'm also using ZFS. 
  I also run Linux on a different server for different tasks. 
(OpenSolaris has recently (May 2008) become just as "practical" as Linux 
(minus about 30% of the driver support Linux has) so you might want to 
give the OpenSolaris LiveCD a chance.)

I am *definitely* using ZFS for long-term archival, as you can be as 
paranoid as you like about hardware failures:  raid-5, raid-6 
(double-parity), redundant block copies on the same disk, on different 
disks, etc. are all supported.  The storage is expandable by replacing 
hard drives one at a time (it is not as graceful as Veritas' "evacuate" 
function, but they are working on it).  Transparent light/realtime 
compression or heavier/gzip compression on any filesystem if you want it 
(great for email/text archives).  Speed is the best I've seen on any 
hardware (we use it at work too).

However, it is important to never keep all of your eggs in one basket; 
to that end, I routinely archive to DVD.  I used to archive to DLT but 
the cost and speed became prohibitive once I could get a 16X DVD burner 
for $30 and quality DVD-Rs for $0.22 a disc including shipping.  I have 
two DLT drives and it is still cheaper and faster to burn discs.  (Note 
that I didn't say easier -- the price for cheaper and faster is my 
personal time, of course.)

I don't agree that you need 64-bit for ZFS.  I do agree that you need a 
minimum of 1G total system RAM for it, preferably 2G, since that helps 
offload the cost of the parity/crc checks that keep data consistent and 
ensure that you, the user, never actually *see* any IOs except reading.
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